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'We, The People'.
Music Video devised for the band HDYS.

As I told the band in the first place, and also given the low-budget nature for the whole thing, there was a graphic line I wanted to experiment with for some time back then that I thought suitable for the brief doc they had passed along. I performed then a series of look, feel and animation demos they felt comfortable with. So far so good...

The thing was basically to work with a 3D low poly sort of style, sober, hard-lined, as to fit the overall personality of the song itself. Working along those lines, and embracing again the 'keep it simple' mantra, I developed the corresponding simple color code (red, black and multi-color for the last part) to meet the demands of the narrative thread. Done. Decent, tidy and functional.

Band: HDYS
Script: Nikky Schiller, Vlad T., El Miku.
Lyrics: Nikky Schiller, Vlad T.
Music: Big Toxic.
Animation: El Miku.
Video Direction: Nikky Schiller, Vlad T., El Miku.
Song Performed by: Nikky Schiller.

El Miku

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