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'We, The People'.
Character design, Sets, 3D Modelling, animation and direction for HDYS's Music Video 'We, the people'.

What attracted me the most in the early stages of this project was the opportunity it gave me to develop a more mature and sober aesthetic than what is usually asked of me. At that time, I had been waiting for the right chance to apply this bittersweet low-poly aesthetic to a project that, like this one, would require a graphic treatment of the same characteristics. I performed then a series of look, feel and animation demos the band felt comfortable with. So far so good...

That general hard-line style ended up coexisting well enough with the serious and dry personality of the song. Working along those lines, and embracing again the 'keep it simple' mantra, I developed the correspondingly simple color code (red, black and multi-color for the last part) to meet the demands of the narrative thread. Done. Probably nothing specially brilliant here but decent enough, tidy and functional.
Thanks to HDYS and all the best.

Band: HDYS
Script: Nikky Schiller, Vlad T., El Miku.
Lyrics: Nikky Schiller, Vlad T.
Music: Big Toxic.
Animation: El Miku.
Video Direction: Nikky Schiller, Vlad T., El Miku.
Song Performed by: Nikky Schiller.

El Miku

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