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Tanga Girls.
Character design, sets, animation, sound concept and music arrangement for a 3 year saga of TV / theatre commercials, 1 music video and endless print / branding works.

The Tanga Girls, virtual music band conceived for acting as the flagship for the Evax Tanga product line. Unfortunately the videos haven't passed the test of time so I'm including none of them here. The girls though still look interesting from a character design point of view.

Quite the stressful kind of assignment, I'd say we succeeded mostly because no one told us it was impossible to achieve. The unavoidable lesson you ought to learn if you intend to deal with projects of a certain size. It almost killed me, honestly, but it proved that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Indeed!.

Client: Arbora & Ausonia
Agency: SCPF
Production: Phila
Character Design, Sets, Animation & Music Arrangement: El Miku

El Miku

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