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'Se us veu tan contents ballant swing' - Súpermon.
Music Video proposal for 'Súpermon' upcoming single.

By the virtues of recycling and coming from an unsuccessful pitch I applied for, here's a new family of characters I've recently been designing and, in this case, already adapting now to catalan artist 'Súpermon' next music video.
Though the process is still in its early stages I always love to add some new references to this portfolio, specially when they bring something somehow different from what I'm traditionally known for.
This is one of those cases in wich I plan to use this character-line morphology with different variations for future projects as one new illustration style to add to my already long list of them.

Wether we'll end up using them for this partucular project 'Súpermon' feels already exited about (but still coping with the financial details) or it'll serve some other third party objectives remains to be seen. In the meantime, let me have these guys around here adding some more colour to the site. It won't hurt anyone and is definitely good for my mental health.

Client: Súpermon
Production: El Miku
Character Design, 3D Modelling, Sets & Animation: El Miku

El Miku

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