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Sr. Quely.
A Mallorcan biscuit with a more than remarkable personality. Character design, direction, sets and animation for a series of 2 x 20'' and 5 x 5'' TV commercials.

Done within the structure of my good old pals Phila and given almost complete freedom by the creative staff at SCPF this is one of those jobs that will remain forever in my heart. Building the public personality of this guy up from scratch was pure joyfulness.

The challenge here as per brief was to dig deep into the public personality for the alredy reputed biscuit manufacturing brand Quely as an unequaled and somehow different kind of biscuit within its market range. Thus, its ambassador, Sr. Quely, had to fit snugly into that concept.

In the end it all came out as a pleasant journey of mouthless grins, reinforcing the brand's position, widening its presence and creating a fan base for the character itself and his occasional adventures.

Client: Quely
Agency: SCPF
Production: Phila
Character Design, Art, Animation & Music: El Miku

El Miku

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