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Pic-King / Percheros.
Book trailer template of sorts for the self-editing services company Pic-King.

This small piece marks the beginning of a new long term collaboration, this time with the publishing services company Pic-King. This being an initiative focused on the low cost publishing, this is my proposal for a template of sorts that might be accompanying each and everyone of their future releases.

For this particular challenge I've developed a new character, remarkably related to the ones I used for the MEMOLA series, wich establishes what the overall illustration style for all Pic-King releases will be. From there on my initial intention is to keep both the camera movement and the total duration for the videos unchanged, putting the focus on adapting the character/s and environment to each individual case.

Client: Pic-King.
Concept & Direction: El Miku.
Art, Character Design, Sets, Sound & Animation: El Miku

El Miku

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