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'Nada Más Triste'.
Character design, Sets, Script and Direction for El Doctor Ramona's latest music video 'Nada Más Triste'.

The music video is already finished and ready to roll. On the other hand, unfortunately, the latest news say that it's taking 'El Doctor Ramona' far more than expected to consider the song done. No problem. Due to the 'familiar' nature of this long term collaboration wich frames the entire project I already knew this could happen so, no rush... Artistic processes can be tricky, we know that. So, in the meantime, while I can't attach the footage to the song's final version, we've decided to upload some pics here wich advance how the whole thing will look like.

As you can see, the overall tone for this upcoming release is looking quite dark, yeah, that definitely being the consequence of the truly sad nature of the lyrics. Without revealing any sensitive information here I can tell you that while El Doctor Ramona's first release 'La Más Tierna' (The Most Tender One) versed about the pure joy of sharing the simple pleasures of life alongside the loved one, this second release 'Nada Más Triste' (Nothing Sadder) will be dealing with break ups, splits and ends...
From here on, as soon as the song is finished, and while we reach the official release date, I'll be conducting my usual behind the scenes international festivals tour.
I'll keep you posted.

Client: El Doctor Ramona
Production: El Miku
Character Design, 3D Modelling, Script, Animation & Direction: El Miku

El Miku

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