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La Clara.Info
2D / 3D Illustration for LaClara.Info, a divulgative work-in-progress project developed by the Catalan Goverment as a meeting point for those who want to be up to date on drugs comsumption, its implications, side effects, etc.

Trying to avoid any kind of patronizing speech, I choose to invest in developing an interface focused on showing the lonesome journey it all turns out to be when the effects of drug abuse strike. Some sort of psychological portrait.

The assigment consists so far in delivering a series of illustrations to act as headers for the initiative's website, each of them devised specifically to introduce a monographic section for every single drug out there in the streets.

The final result wanting to be playful but serious, funny but grave. Some sort of commitment between empathy and efectiveness.

Client: Generalitat de Catalunya
Production: WINC
Character Design, Illustration & Animation: El Miku

El Miku

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