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Karma Hunters.
Music video for The Pinkertones' song Karma Hunters included in their album The Million Colour Revolution.

I remember myself spending endless hours listening to the song at home with my earphones on before even drawing a single shape. After four or five of these long sessions I put the earphones down and started writing almost up to the smallest detail. Ready to bake.

On the graphic side, it all came from an old memory at the kindergarten. It was a tale about the tools and machinery at a building site coming to life during the night to have the building finished by first light. Then they told us to make a drawing about it and mine turned out to be quite mind-blowing. Good times, yeah.

Client: Outstanding Records
Music: The Pinkertones
Production: El Miku
Characters, Sets, Script & Animation: El Miku

El Miku

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