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'Happy Poo'
Music video direction, animation, character design and sets for Fakestudio / LOLA MullenLowe / 9GAG.

'93% of people like you take their phones when they go to the loo...'. With that particular stat as bottom line for the whole thing the guys at LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona along with Ba$$ilones developed a song for some 9GAG campaign and handed it over to my man, Joan Janer, at Fakestudio. He then contacted me... 'Hey, Miku. How ya doin'?. We got this... You wanna go for it?...'. 'Hmmm. Dancing shit!, Yeah!'. And that was it basically. You know, a bit cautious at first because of the huge task ahead but, at the end of the day, this empathic sort of stuff is supposed to be my thing. So, first things first, I had to nail it with character design starting with the main one, this Happy Poo guy itself. It took a bit of an extra effort but, once we agreed on the overall look of it, it became a bit easier to give shape to the rest of the NUUUUMEROUS family. Nothing moving there yet anyway... 'What did ya say the deadline was for this thing?...WHAAAAAT!!!???...'. Glglgl...

After 3 long months and on the verge of total and complete exhaustion I must say it's been a price worth paying. It could have looked a bit better given a bit more time and a few less backs and forths but overall, you know, just surviving a project of this nature with so many people involved comes out as quite an achievement. Eternal thanks to Joan Janer, my man on top of the hill.

Brand: 9GAG
Agency: LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona
Creative Staff: Nacho Oñate, Néstor García, Leandro Mosca, Santiago Davis.
Art Direction: Diego Vieira, Elena Sánchez.
Original Music: Ba$$ilones
Production Co.: Fakestudio
Executive Producer:
Joan Janer
Director, Character Design, Sets, Animation: El Miku

El Miku

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