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Goal Revolution.
Character design and illustration for Freeverse's 'Goal Revolution' virtual soccer manager game.

'Goal Revolution', soccer virtual manager game.

I joined the project at an early stage of development when the good people at Freeverse approached me to help them give first shape to their primal notions of what the game had to look like.
Firstly, the game was intended to live within the blockchain wich was back then thriving on the light of the sudden success of several examples of what the role of the collector's fever might end up meaning for the platform regarding cases such as 'CryptoKitties' or 'CryptoZombies'.

In the case of soccer, Freeverse's idea was to develop a traditional soccer manager game of sorts but strongly putting the focus on the uniqueness of each and every player. This way they were trying to make a small piece of art out of every randomly created character from the combinations of the different structural elements I had to design, the final result being these series of examples you can see here.
In the middle of it all Alun was appointed as new CEO and the project took a different direction. Finally the game has been released with a look the traditional soccer game user is probably more used to.
Sensible strategy wich took me out of the project but left me with the pleasant feeling of a job solidly done and some new partners wich have given me the chance to explore the boundaries of my abilities and obviously learn from it.
Huge thanks to everyone at Freeverse!.

Client: Freeverse
Character Design & Illustration: El Miku

El Miku

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