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Dodot - Viaje (Journey).
Cute TV commercial directed for the spanish diapers' brand Dodot to celebrate their collaboration with UNICEF .

Guided by the enthusiastic response to the first reference we shared with the creative team at TAPSA Madrid and led by the sweet tune 'Summer's Gone' by Edinburgh's band Aberfeldy, it all came out as a walk in the park.

Add the outstanding job of spanish illustrator Txesco , and the beautiful animations delivered by Kiko Navarro, LACTEA and myself and you'll have this tiny piece of art selling tons and tons of nappies by the end of the day.

Client: Dodot España
Agency: Tapsa Madrid
Production: Boolab
Director: El Miku
Characters & Sets: Txesco
Animation: Kiko Navarro
Additional Illustration & Animation: El Miku
Music: ‘Summer’s gone’ – Aberfeldy

El Miku

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