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'A Divine Tragedy' (or something like that).
A personal project to keep the machine well-oiled and in good spirits.

Combining here some of the character design work previously developed for Freeverse with some more graphic and structural stuff that I like to experiment with in my spare time, here's a glimpse of what could end up being a short film based on Dante's 'The Divine Comedy'.

No official title or name for the main character here. I don't even have anything resembling a first draft to start working with. I guess I'd read Dante's book in the first place. Yeah, that sounds like the sensible way to go...
Anyway, since you can never be sure that these sort of things will materialize at all, let me share here this part of the process as it is. What will come out of it in the end?. Really dunno...
In the meantime, as I said somewhere else around here, sharing this stuff is proving to be good enough for my mental health.

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